Benefits of keeping your patio clean

Your patio is constantly subject to a lot of elements that can leave it weathered, dirty and stained. Keeping your patio clean comes with a number of benefits:

Keep it looking fresh

Remove weeds

Weeds, moss and grass are the most common culprits for sprouting up in cracks or grooves in a patio. Not only do they ruin the look of your beautiful patio, but their roots can cause damage and grass can stain your paving. Regular cleaning will help you avoid these plants taking root.

Boost lifespan

Over time, acidic dirt and destructive weeds will erode your patio, if left untreated. Cleaning your patio regularly will help deal with those issues and give it a longer life in better condition.

Improve safety

A dirty patio not only looks unsightly, but it can also be unsafe. Algae, moss and grime can be slippery underfoot and cause a risk of slipping and falling. Keeping your patio clean will avoid this unnecessary risk.

High power jet wash of patio DEEP CLEAN- 

Small patio - from £100.00
Medium patio - from £130.00
Large patio - from £170.00

A deep clean consists of applying a dirt releasing chemical that can really lift the overall clean.

A deep clean won’t remove rust stains, oil or black lichen spores, this requires additional chemicals if required.

Prices start from £25 + sand on top of patio cleaning.



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